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Deadline: 21 May 2021
Status: Deadline verlopen
Prijzen(geld): NVM-event exposure, pilot €10.000, network

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NVM-event exposure, pilot €10.000, network

deadline verlopen

In the Netherlands, 154,000 homes were sold in 2020 alone, and this number continues to rise. With over 4,400 affiliated company members, the NVM is by far the largest member organisation of estate agents, valuers and property experts in the Netherlands. Together, the members account for some 70% of the homes sold in the Netherlands. All these brokers were asked what their main challenge is.

Buying or selling a home is one of the biggest decisions a person makes in life. For the housing consumer, it means a series of decision moments that have a major impact and can therefore be exciting and stressful. Information and guidance is needed at all times. NVM members are the advisers for all aspects of this process.

At the offices of NVM members, almost 10,000 people work every day - from estate agents and appraisers to back office staff and office managers - to provide their clients with the best possible support in a challenging housing market. This can be done personally and digitally.

Wherever possible, estate agents want to be there personally for their clients. That is a challenge, especially in this overcrowded market. In addition, consumers want to be able to arrange matters themselves easily where possible.

In short: digital where possible, personal where necessary.

The NVM is looking for an innovative solution for its members and their customers that offers the optimal golden combination of a seamless digital and personal customer experience when buying and selling homes. By providing digital and/or personal attention and/or information at the right moment, the services of the broker are experienced as even more valuable. This can be on a part of the customer journey or the entire journey.

The solution is:

  • Personal and relevant for the housing consumer
  • Easy to use for both the consumer and the estate agent
  • Scalable in use and reach
  • Easy to integrate with existing processes for the estate agent
  • Preferably connectable to various CRM packages via API

Do you have the (partial) solution for this? Then pitch to thousands of potential users at once!

About us
The NVM is the largest member organisation of estate agents, valuers and property experts in The Netherlands.

Together with its participations, NVM forms the NVM Group. The best known is this group is Funda ( a real estate platform te buy and sell your house). In addition, there is Realworks (CRM provider), brainbay (data company) and NVM service office (back office for NVM members), among others. For a complete overview, click here.

What are we looking for?
We are looking for solutions to provide an optimal experience for customers during their customer journey with an NVM estate agent that links personal and digital without friction. The solution is easy to use for any type of customer - from starter to senior housing consumer.

The solution must be able to logically connect to existing processes for the estate agent.

The collection of relevant demand-side data can also be considered. The NVM also has the largest real estate property database in the Netherlands. This can be used exclusively to provide services to NVM estate agents and appraisers for the benefit of their clients. 

The question is broad, but the solution must be concrete. To help you on your way, these are questions from estate agents that people thought of as solutions: 

  • More and more important and beautiful 'champagne' moments in the journey of the residential consumer are or are becoming digital. For example, signing the purchase agreement digitally is more efficient and easier for the consumer and the estate agent. At the same time, an important customer contact and 'champagne' moment is lost in the customer journey. How can we still celebrate these or new moments in the customer journey in person, without losing digital convenience?  
  • There are so many requests for housing that it takes a lot of work to respond to them personally, even though they could be potential buyers. How do you deal with this? 
  • In today's market, many buyers miss out on offers. How can we, as buying or selling agents, help to turn their disappointment around in a positive way? 
  • What information does the residential consumer need after handing over a house? Much of this information is digital, how do we ensure that it remains personal? After all, the contact with the estate agent falls away. How can you stay in personal contact (in addition to digital)?
  • How do we link sellers and buyers in a smart way, so that sellers do not put their house on the market until after they have bought it themselves? In other words, there is hardly any insight into the supply of houses, so potential house hunters do not put their house on the market. Even though they would like to move and sell. How can you cleverly obtain this existing insight?
  • How could you create opportunities to turn your sales agency into a purchase agency for someone who has made an offer (without a purchase agency)?
  • How can an estate agent respond to the expectations of different customers (first-time buyers, people who are moving on, senior citizens)? Per client group, the feeling with the market is different. Many seniors, for example, assume a process that 'used to' apply in a different market.
  • How do you support the senior-consumer in digital solutions? This is often still a barrier. 
  • In the current market, a buyer has no insight into what he ultimately has to offer in order to be the winner. The idea that you can still negotiate and make a counter-offer is no longer there. Buyers are increasingly missing the boat and that leads to a lot of uncertainty. How do you give the seeker insight into the expected selling price? What else would be possible?

Customer expectations regarding availability of information, delivery and service are at a high level. How do we make the information more customer-oriented and what channels are best suited for this?

What are we not looking for?

  • For solutions to increase the housing supply in the short term.
  • Towards solutions to change the brokerage model (Ibuyers system/broker agent system, multiple contractors) 
  • Towards solutions to influence the quantity and quality of employees. 
  • Towards solutions to challenges specifically arising from Covid-19.

What is to be gained?
The NVM uses its network to publicise solutions among its 4,400 members, which can create potential collaborations with estate agents:

  • In June 2021, a major event will be organised by the NVM for its members. The best 5 applications will be invited to participate in this event. 
  • Chance of a test environment at one or more brokers who are on the jury.
  • Stories of your solutions will be published in the NVM e-magazine.
  • The NVM and the local chapters will share the solution in their newsletters in order to reach a large target group. 
  • NVM will use its network to publicise solutions among its 4,400 members, thus creating potential partnerships with estate agents.
  • Chance of an assignment of maximum €10.000,- to realise a prototype/pilot and to test it together with the NVM group and to start a pilot with its members.
  • You can also count on support and cooperation from creative and inspiring specialists within the NVM group who will challenge you to make your product even better.

Conditions of participation

  • Registered at the Chamber of Commerce (or registered in another country)
  • The solution complies with all applicable laws and regulations. Including specifically the AVG.
  • Able to launch a pilot project within 3 months
  • The solution must be scalable 

Your pitch (max 4 pages / 20 slides)
Provide the clearest possible description of your innovative solution/product (max. 2 A4).

  • What problem do you solve?
  • For which target group?
  • Indication of costs

B. Describe the added value of your solution by means of a business case or success cases (max. 1 A4).

C. Give a short description of your team (max. 1 A4).

The pitch may be submitted in free format (presentation/slide deck, letter format), but should be uploaded as a pdf file (landscape or portrait A4) (max. 30MB). Videos, sample websites, etc. can be included as links.
Pitches in English are allowed.

Timeline challenge

  • 17 April 2021: Challenge launch
  • 21 May 2021 17:00h: Challenge deadline - Attention: this was the 17th of May - deadline has been extended
  • Friday 4 June 2021: Selection session with the jury
  • June 2021: NVM event: Pitch session and discussion tables with the top 5 entries

Bert Janssen 11-05-2021reageer
Beste, Dat zijn nogal wat uiteenlopende ideeën. Voor een aantal daarvan heb ik een oplossing, maar omdat jullie vragen zo divers zijn wordt het lastig dit in een pitch samen te vatten. Maakt een pitch ook kans als niet alle vragen worden meegenomen?

NVM 11-05-2021reageer
Best Bert, Absoluut. De vragen zijn meer bedoeld als voorbeelden waar mogelijke oplossingen op aan kunnen sluiten, maar we verwachten niet dat 1 oplossing alle genoemde vragen oplost. Dus maakt zeker kans en we zien je pitch graag binnenkomen. Succes! Met vriendelijke groet, Marc Vervoort NVM

Ahmed M Sobhe 14-05-2021reageer
Hello, Just a small clarification, we believe the questions create the bounders for day-to-day operation for agents, and these questions present the requirements for the software solution needed, please correct me! Moreover, is it ok if we add additional pages to the pitch to match these questions with our platform process in order to give a better idea of how much our platform may fit the requirements?

NVM 19-05-2021reageer
Hi, that would be fine. Try not to be to extensive though. Keep it short and sweet where you can.

Ahmed M Sobhe 19-05-2021reageer
Thank you so much, will make sure to keep it simple to the point. have a wonderful day

Azadeh Haratiannezhadi 18-05-2021reageer
May you please guide us regarding the limitation of the pitch pages? In fact, you mentioned 20 slides or 4 pages but when we convert our slides into pdf format it excessed more than 4 pages. Is it acceptable to send you a pdf contains 20 slides?

NVM 19-05-2021reageer
Yes, that's fine. It's more about the way of presenting. Pages we mean written pages, which would be excessive for a pitch. But 20 slides in a pdf is fine. But remember sometimes less is more.

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Deadline extended

12 May 2021

The NVM has decided to extend the challenge by 1 week due to a successful campaign so far, the May holidays and Ascension Day, and requests from a number of market parties who are very keen to submit. The new deadline is Friday 21st of May 17.00. The rest of the planning remains unchanged.


De NVM heeft besloten om de challenge met 1 week te verlengen vanwege een succesvolle campagne tot nu toe, de mei vakantie en hemelvaart en verzoek van een aantal marktpartijen die heel graag willen indienen. De nieuwe deadline is vrijdag 21 mei 17.00. De rest van de planning blijft staan.
De deadline is verstreken. Je kunt geen pitch meer uploaden.

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